UK Immigration Act 2016

Notice to Customers in relation to changes in the UK Immigration Act 2016

Dear customer,

We are aware that some customers have expressed concerns about the potential impact of the implementation of Schedule 7 of the Immigration Act 2016 (the “Act“) on their ability to withdraw funds from their accounts. We would like to take this opportunity to clarify the effect of the Act and reassure our customers regarding its scope. Customers of Guaranty Trust Bank (UK) should not be affected by the Act unless you are currently in the UK anddo not have leave to remain.

Requirements of the Act

The Act means that UK banks and building societies must carry out checks on the immigration status of current account holders every quarter, from the quarter beginning on 1 January 2018. We must check whether any existing current accounts are operated by a “disqualified person“. UK banks and building societies are already prohibited from opening an account for a disqualified person. This change simply means that we have to carry out ongoing checks to ensure that our customers do not become disqualified persons after opening a bank account.

If an account held by a disqualified person is identified, then we must inform the UK Home Office, who may instruct us to close the account.

Disqualified persons

These provisions only apply to an account held by a disqualified person. You may be a disqualified person if you are both:

  1. Currently in the UK; and
  2. Do not have the required leave to enter or remain in the

For the avoidance of doubt, if you have a valid visa, then you should have the required leave to enter or remain in the UK. Therefore if you are not currently in the UK or you are in the UK and have a valid visa you should not be a disqualified person.

We trust that this will allay any concerns that you may have. If you have further questions, please contact your relationship manager.

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