About the GeNS Service

The GeNS Service will notify you by email of deposits, withdrawals and transfers in and out of your account(s) in line with the options you specify when you apply.

Features & Benefits

  • Prompt knowledge of transactions on your accounts.
  • Convenient and easy monitoring of accounts.
  • Better management of finances.
  • Effective fraud alert in cases of unauthorized transactions on accounts.
  • Reduce time spent confirming clients’ payments into your accounts.
  • Enhances transparency between the bank and its clients.
  • No need to logon to the website or wait for account statements to know about new deposits.

Who Can Apply?

  • Individual account holders
  • Joint account holders
  • Business account holders including financial institutions

How to Apply?

To apply for this service, simply download the appropriate GeNS application form below, complete and submit to our office at 10 Great Castle Street London, W1W 8LP.

Alternatively you can send the completed form:

  • By post to 10 Great Castle Street London, W1W 8LP
  • By fax to +44 207 947 9721
  • By email of scanned form to [email protected]