About PSD2 Open Banking

Third Party Providers (TPPs) are now able to connect to GTBank UK’ dedicated interface to provide aggregation and other relevant services to customers.

Within the documentation TPPs can find the access details for using the testing facility (sandbox). 

Kindly note that the migration from the current dedicated interface to the new dedicated interface is ongoing. Both testing facilities (sandboxes) are available at the moment.

To proceed with TPP onboarding, please use the following links:
- Current dedicated interface: https://priora.saltedge.com/docs/tpp/gtbank_uk_gb
- New dedicated interface which will be fully available by the end of Q1, 2023: https://priora.saltedge.com/docs/open_banking/gt_bank_ob_sandbox/v3.1

You may access availability statistics for our dedicated interface from this portal – (https://saltedge.statuspage.io).