About this Service

The costs and(or) gains of exchange rate fluctuations could impact your bottom line. We offer FX conversions to help you to manage the attendant risks, lock in your future FX related costs, or profit from any changes in currency rates. FX conversions are contracts to buy or sell an amount of currency at a current rate for delivery on an agreed day.

Features & Benefits

  • We offer conversions between 15 currencies.
  • The value date is at your discretion. We can deal same day (subject to normal cut off times) or any future date, including spot, to match your expected cashflow requirements or eliminate future conversion exposures compared to today‚Äôs rates.
  • We require that you have cleared funds at the time of entering into the contract, which will be blocked from the time of the transaction until the time of settlement
  • Large value transactions are priced off live market prices to ensure highly competitive pricing.

You are welcome to call for indicative pricing so that you are aware of changing market conditions. Our relationship managers are in direct contact with our Treasury department and can access fresh rates within seconds.