Our International and Foreign Currency payment service

Various cut off times apply for execution of third party international transfers, dependent upon currency and destination. However, subject to receiving valid and complete instructions in line with your mandate with us, we commit to processing your instructions on the day of receipt, or at the very latest within 24 hours if received after the appropriate cut off time. The actual time of receipt by the beneficiary will be subject to the performance of any intermediary bank and the beneficiary bank.

Our local payment service in GBP

  • Same day payments using CHAPS from any of your Sterling accounts to any Sterling account within the UK, subject to us receiving the instruction by 3:00 PM GMT on a working day. Charges apply
  • Same day payment to any UK Sterling account using Faster Payment. Usually payments of up to £50,000 will be processed within 2 hours of receipt if instructed through our internet banking services on a working day otherwise the next working day. Payments over £50,000 and up to £100000 will be completed same day if received by us on or before 3:00 PM GMT on Mondays to Fridays except on bank holidays otherwise the next working day. Charges apply.