Features and Benefits

  • £50,000 minimum account opening deposit †
  • GTBank UK MasterCard® Debit Card
  • GeNS email notifications
  • Chequebook if required
  • Monthly statements
  • Interest paid on credit balances
  • Annual maintenance fee of £100 or monthly instalments of £8.95
  • Direct debits and standing orders
  • Same day transfers between GTBank group accounts
  • Send and receive international transfers to and from almost anywhere in the world ‡
  • Easy access to Relationship Managers in person and by phone during working hours between 9am and 5pm on Monday to Friday except on English bank and public holidays

† Note that this deposit is payable once irrespective of the number of accounts opened. For example, a customer opening 2 or more accounts is only required to deposit a total minimum amount of £50,000

‡ Subject to cut-off time and charges

Summary Information


Individuals and joint applicants

Interest rates

See interest rate block for current rates

Withdrawal Arrangements

Instant access*


£100 a year or £8.95 a month


Chequebook, online banking, monthly statements

*Subject to our having to process all transactions in accordance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements

Summary Box: GBP Current Account

How to Apply

Before you apply for our Current Account, kindly read and understand our personal banking terms and conditions. We shall be pleased to answer any questions about them that you may have.

Then, download the account opening forms, complete all sections fully and submit them along with all of additional relevant documents that the application form lists, to our offices at 62, Margaret Street, London W1W 8TF.

You can also send a completed account opening form along with certified true copies of the required documents to our offices in London by post to the address above.

However, please do not send original documents by post as Guaranty Trust Bank (UK) Limited will not be liable for the loss or damage of any original documents sent to us by post. Documents normally required to open a GTBank Current Account are listed in the account opening form. Please be aware that incomplete application forms, imprecise or inconsistent information is likely to cause a delay to our processing of your application. Additionally, although we seek to list most of the documents needed to process an application, UK law and regulations may require us to obtain additional information and verification documentation.