As a Bank authorised by the PRA and regulated by the PRA and FCA, we are permitted to offer the following products and services to personal and corporate customers:

  • Accept deposits from private individuals, corporate clients and financial institutions (retail and wholesale deposits);
  • Provide regulated Mortgage Contracts: This permission allows us to provide regulated mortgages for residential properties to our customers.

What other services can we provide to customers aside from the above?

Our permission also allows us to provide the following additional banking services:

  • International Trade Finance;
  • Placing of Fixed Deposits of varying tenors;
  • Saving accounts;
  • Pay direct debits, standing orders etc
  • International fund transfers (if you have an account with us);
  • Issuing of debit cards;
  • Foreign Exchange services (for account holders).

What services are we unable to provide currently?

Under our current regulatory permission, we are unable to provide the following services:

  • Provide any kind of investment advice on investing in the UK and/or Nigerian stock market;
  • Provide advice on investing in the UK and Nigeria property market;
  • Arrange any deals related to investing in Nigeria and or the UK.