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Guaranty Trust Bank is a friendly brand that truly cares and this permeates through every sphere of our business. We have a value system that is hinged on professionalism, ethics, integrity, and superior customer service. We maintain a culture of excellence and go to great lengths to actualise the popular phrase: The Customer Is King.

Our style of operation, staff conduct and service delivery models are built on 8 core principles aptly dubbed: The Orange Rules, in line with the Bank’s vibrant Orange corporate colour.

Why Orange?

  • It is a joyous colour
  • Frees and releases emotion
  • Evokes a feeling of warmth
  • Demands attention
  • Stimulates the mind
  • Orange indicates a person who is sociable and loves to be in the company of others.
  • A person who has loads of energy, exciting and fun to be with.
  • Orange relates to a person who has great practical-hands on-skills.
  • Orange personalities are friendly, ready smile, respond positively and fluent if not profound in speech. They are good-natured and gregarious and do not like to be left alone.

Orange Rules

The Orange Rules are principles for progression, success, relationships and life. They guide our approach to banking and everything we do.

Orange Rule 1
Simplicity brings clarity, understanding and progress. We are straightforward, direct and easy to deal with, making the complex uncomplicated. Complexity leads to confusion, discouragement and a feeling of helplessness.
Orange Rule 2
We are thorough and efficient, always inspiring confidence. People have tremendous respect for professionals. They are relied on, trusted and believed in.
Orange Rule 3
Our major strength, we’re constantly improving on our ability to delight our customers. Lend a hand. Be there when you’re needed. Bend over backwards to please and serve.
Orange Rule 4
We enjoy working together to fulfil customers’ needs, building mutually rewarding relationships. Unfriendliness is often seen as a sign of disrespect. But a friendly person warms the heart and is a pleasure to do business with.
Orange Rule 5
We stand out from the crowd, always refreshing, always beyond the ordinary. Excellence is the ability to strive for the best, to never settle for average. It is being best in class, a benchmark, an inspiration.
Orange Rule 6
We are reliable, what we say is what we do; trust us to always do what is right. Be honest. Be trusted with information and money. Be a confidante.
Social Responsibility
Orange Rule 7
We care, we believe in building and sharing for the good of all. Give back to society.
Orange Rule 8
We evoke inspiration and respect, our originality is second to none, we are bold, classy and always setting the pace.

Staff Conduct

The directors of Guaranty Trust Bank (UK) Limited require that all our staff abide by the Conduct Rule set down by FCA:

  • Our Staff must act with integrity.
  • Our Staff must act with due care, skill and diligence.
  • Our Staff must be open and cooperative with all regulators.
  • Our Staff must pay due regard to the interests of customers and treat them fairly.
  • Our Staff must observe proper standards of market conduct.

Should you feel that any member of our staff has not met any of these standards, then please let us know at: [email protected].