Features & Benefits

  • Access to your accounts 24/7 (Subject to planned maintenance periods)
    Even when the banking hall doors are closed and no one is available to attend to your telephone call, you will always have access to your accounts plus loads of services through our internet banking platform.
  • View your qualifying account balances & track your transactions
    When you know exactly how much you have in your qualifying accounts, it’s a lot easier to keep tabs on your finances.
  • Make transfers between eligible qualifying accounts
    Transfer money between your accounts of the same currency as long as they are listed on the BIB Application.
  • Make single and batch payments
    BIB allows you to make single as well as bulk payments. Make salary payments to your staff by uploading batch payment files or make a one-off single payment via a simple and intuitive form. Batch payments can be scheduled for a future date.
  • Make Domestic Payments
    Make FPS and CHAPS payments to valid accounts in any bank within the UK.
  • Make international payments to most countries in the world
    Easily make international payments in qualifying currencies within weekdays (cut off time is 3.00pm daily).
  • Approve payments and transfers
    Approve domestic and international payments as per your pre-defined approval preferences or structure.
  • No Daily Limit applies
    Make as many payments as you want and of as much total value as you want subject to controls defined by your organisation.
  • Generate online account statements
    Generate your statements for your qualifying accounts for any period of your choice. We place no limits on how far back you can go.

Security Features

  • Enhanced log in process
    We have made the login process to business internet banking easier and yet more secure. We have introduced 2-factor authentication, which requires a combination of something you know and what something you have i.e. security token.
  • Auto log off
    When you log in to our BIB profile, the system will constantly monitor what you do and log you off if it senses you’re inactive. This helps you stay protected if other people have access your computer or mobile device.
  • Temporarily disabling your online access
    We will temporarily disable your account if we notice too many failed attempts to log in to your account. There should be few worries about this feature preventing you from accessing your account again – all you need is a phone call to us.
  • Extended validation certificates
    When you are visiting a secure encrypted website, the website address will always begin with ”https://” and there will be a padlock symbol displayed somewhere within the web browser.

    If you are using Internet Explorer 7 or above, when you visit our secure banking website you will see that the address bar turns green. In addition to the right of the address bar, a padlock symbol and our registered company name [Guaranty Trust Bank (UK) Ltd [GB]] are displayed.

Protecting Yourself and Your PC

  • Keep your login details safe
    Your security tokens and login details are the keys to your online access. Never write them down, give them to anyone else or include them in an e-mail. Remember that protecting your security details is your responsibility.
  • Phishing and fraudulent websites
    Fraudsters create authentic looking, but false or “spoof” websites. Their purpose is to trick customers to enter their security information onto fake but usually identical sites to the original site. Always look at the address bar to confirm that our name is always displayed on your browser in the following format: Guaranty Trust Bank (UK) Ltd.
  • Phishing and scam emails
    Fraudsters create authentic looking, but false emails. Their purpose is to deceive individuals into responding so that the senders can use information obtained to fraudulently obtain your money. Some of these scam emails take the form of offering you something, such as a large sum of money while others contain links to sites where your personal details are asked. The catch is that they want access to your account

    GTBank UK will never send letters or emails asking for your personal details. If you receive such, forward it to [email protected].
  • Anti-virus & anti-spyware software; personal firewalls
    It is advisable to install anti-virus and anti-spyware software on your system. It will increase your protection against criminals, hackers & fraudsters.

    It is also important to update your anti-virus and anti-spyware software as frequently as possible. This is to protect against criminals who exploit software bugs in older versions of anti-virus software to enable them to infect computers.