At Guaranty Trust Bank (UK) Limited, we understand the unique banking needs of our corporate clients and are committed to providing them with competitive and flexible banking services.

Within our team, we have the right mix of knowledge, experience and capability to complete cross-border transactions. Our expertise in the UK International banking market complements our deep knowledge and understanding of Nigeria and Sub Saharan Africa.

We therefore welcome all categories of corporate clients that have business interests with our niche market –sub Saharan Africa- and who operate all over the globe.

Our corporate banking services are designed for companies both at home and abroad. Wherever you are, we can help your business grow.

Category of Clients

  • Corporates : (both big and small)
  • Public sector and Government Contractors
  • Insurance and other financial services


  • Corporate Accounts
  • Credit facility
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Money Market Placements
  • Payment Remittances
  • Trade Financing

Corporate Accounts


We offer a dynamic choice of accounts in Euros, USD and Sterling. Why don’t you bank with us today?

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Credit Facilities


To support the significant international trade between our source markets and the rest of the world, we offer various trade finance products.

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Foreign Exchange


We offer FX conversions to help you to manage the attendant risks, lock in your future FX related costs, or profit from any changes in currency rates.

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Money Market Placements


Earn competitive interest rates on your Pounds Sterling, U.S. Dollars and Euro money market placements with Guaranty Trust Bank (UK) Limited

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Payments & Remittances


We are able to offer your business both local and international payments & remittances services.

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Trade Finance


Do you process trade transactions between West Africa, especially Nigeria, and the rest of the world

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