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Using BIB
Business Internet Banking

Accessing the Website

To access BIB website, point your web browser to the following URL:

Logging In

Users are required to provide their login credentials, which include:

1) Customer ID: A unique alphanumeric ID common to all the users of a customer.

2) User ID: Unique ID to a specific user. Click Login.

3) Security Answer :
a) For first-time login, the user is required to provide the following:
i. Answer to a security question;
ii. Security question: The user can change the displayed question to a question of his choice
iii. Date of Birth
b) For Subsequent Logins, the customer is required to provide security answer supplied by him at first-time login.

4) Login Code: A six digit numeric code generated by token.

A guide on how to set-up and use tokens has been provided in the Token & Security section

Main Screen Layout

The BIB web layout is quite simple. It consists of four main areas:

• Header
• Navigation / Menu
• Work Area
• Footer

Navigation is via a collapsible outline menu. Available functions are grouped together under a category, e.g. Task, My Profile, etc. When you click a category the functions under the category are displayed. Clicking on a function causes the function’s screen to be displayed in the Work Area.

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Click Here to Download User Guide

For comments, complaints and enquiries on our Online Banking Service, kindly contact us in any of the following ways:

• Visit our website at and leave us a message using the button
• Call us on +44 (0) 207 947 9700 Mondays to Fridays except bank holidays between 9am and 5pm British Time
• Email us at