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Introduction to BIB
Business Internet Banking

What is Business Internet Banking (BIB)?

The Business Internet Banking (BIB) is a web-based application that facilitates the processing of single, as well as bulk payments in batch by using a secured (https) connection over the Internet.

BIB enables business customers, who usually have a multi approval structure to approve payments as they would have how payments can be made, to make domestic and international payments. Domestic payments can be processed under two payment methods namely Faster Payment (FPS) and CHAPS.

BIB provides an electronic platform for business customers using to transmit payment instructions to GTBank UK either in bulk or single payments. For bulk payments, customers are required to upload payment files in an advised format. Single payments can also be made. The entire process of transmitting payment instructions to GTBank UK is based on a workflow process that aims to mirror the approval structure within a business customer’s organization. This ensures that thus once payment instructions have been requested; the necessary authorizations within the organization will have to be obtained before transmission to the Bank can occur.

The Business Internet Banking (BIB) system is designed as a role-based system which allows users access to only what they are authorized to do. The BIB can be categorized into two major modules:

1) Internal Modules ( for Internal users)
2) Customer Module

The Customer Module can also be sub-divided into 3 major roles which include the Uploaders or Initiators, Approvers and Administrators. Other roles can also be created should a customer require such.

This user guide deals only with the customer module and provides guidance on the different functionalities and how to enable customers to undertake tasks using BIB.

Approved Payment Instructions (batches) are processed for payment in either of four (4) ways:

• Direct Credit, for Suppliers’/Vendors accounts with GTBank UK
• InterSwitch (AutoPay), for accounts with banks on the InterSwitch Network
• NEFT (Credit and Debit), Direct Debit receive value in 3 days
• Bank Drafts (direct to the Suppliers’/Vendors bank branch)

All processing is done electronically and the customer may view the status of the payment at any time. Transaction status is updated as the payment flows through the entire batch payment cycle.

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