Culture and Conduct

At Guaranty Trust Bank (UK) Ltd, the focus is on doing things properly. It is important but not sufficient for the Bank simply to make a profit. The way that the Bank conducts itself is equally important, as it needs to be sure that it is acting in the best long-term interests of its stakeholders – including its shareholder, customers, regulators, counterparties, staff members and suppliers.

The culture of the Bank is set by its Board of Directors, as follows:


Bank staff will always act with integrity and in a professional manner for the benefit of the Bank and its stakeholders.

Knowledge / experience

The Bank will ensure that its staff are adequately trained and supervised, to enable them to fulfil their respective roles with due care and diligence in a highly regulated environment. The Bank will provide ongoing training to staff in the field of culture and conduct and will assess staff culture and conduct on a regular basis. Staff will be encouraged to take responsibility for managing the culture and conduct of their business.

Compliance with Regulation

Bank staff will ensure that they comply at all times with all regulatory requirements by which they and the Bank are bound and will be open and co-operative with regulators.


Bank staff will conduct themselves in an ethical manner and will look to build a business where the emphasis is on doing things properly and treating stakeholders fairly.


The Bank has zero tolerance for any form of abuse and discrimination, be it on the grounds of Race, Religion, Gender, Age, Sexual Orientation, differing ability or any other factor.

Stakeholder Interest

Bank staff will act in a manner that protects the Bank’s stakeholders at all times.

Mutual Respect

The Bank and its staff will treat each other with dignity and respect, irrespective of Age, Gender, Race, Belief, etc. All forms of bullying and disrespectful attitudes are not permitted.

Performance Management

The Bank will implement, at all times, a fair and transparent appraisal system for promotion, and remunerating staff performance

Speak up Culture

The Bank actively encourages staff to raise any issues of concern with line managers and the executives.


The Bank will regularly assess its activities to ensure that they do not undermine strategies put in place to improve and maintain high standards of conduct.


The Bank’s directors and management will lead by example and encourage the Bank at all times to act in a manner that is in accordance with this culture statement.